Information 『Perfect Night』 NIPPON TV "Music Dragon" Power Play tune!!

I Don't Like Mondays.' Music Video "Perfect Night" has been chosen for the Power Play video for "Music Dragon" (NipponTV Group Fri 24:56~ JPN time)

"Music Dragon" is nation-wide TV program! We are very excited to hear the great news!!!

Please note: OA schedule is different for the areas below Kochi Broadcast (Mon) 25:08 - 26:08(3 days late) Hiroshima TV (Mon) 25:29 - 26:29(3 days late) Chukyo TV (Thu)25:48-26:50 (6 days late) Yomiuri TV(Kinki area) 26:30-27:30 (6 days late)

ChukyoTV&YomiuriTV(Kinki) (Thu)