Information Releasing debut mini album 9/24 from NIPPON COLUMBIA

I Don't Like Mondays do not like Mondays. Tall, cute and spoiled rock band finally debuting with their superbly POP and ultra catchy 1st mini album 「Play」.

All songs written by themselves and produced by themselves with Kei Kawano, the hit maker of J-POP, known for his work with Hikaru Utada, SPYAIR and Negoto. They have also teamed up with Japan's leading creators such as Shinchi Mita (Stylist) and Yusuke Tanaka (Creative Director) for their art works.

「Play」 is definately the most celebrated debut album of the year and will be out on 9.24!!

I Don’t Like Mondays. / Play 1st mini Album COCP-38707 ¥1.800+tax 2014.9.24 Release

ALL SONGS Music & Lyric by I Don’t Like Mondays.  Produced & Arranged by I Don’t Like Mondays./ Kei Kawano